ABBA THE MUSEUM in Stockholm

ABBA THE MUSEUM / SWEDISH HALL OF FAME. Become a Dancing Queen or the 5th member of the famous Swedish pop group, who sold more than 400 million albums all over the world. Learn more about how they conquered the world, take a look inside their studios, there homes and lives. ABBA is still fascinating an entire world and this museum is one of the kind, letting you in and revealing details about the group, which where never known before. Try out the their outfit they had on when winning the Eurovision song contest in 1974 with Waterloo, or why not record Mamma Mia or Money Money Money along with Benny, Björn, Agneta and Frida.

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Haga Royal Palace and National Parc – Stockholm

Situated in Stockholm and part of the Royal National City Park, Haga Park is one of Sweden’s most-visited recreation area.

Haga Park is perhaps Sweden’s foremost example of an English landscape park and also known as the “Gustavian Park” as it was initiated by Gustav III. The parc is characterized by the Copper Tent, built in 1787 to house stables and lodgment for the guards. The southern façade was built to give the illusion of a Sultan’s tent on the edge of a forest. Today the Copper Tent houses a restaurant, café and a park museum. In this parc you can also find the Haga Palace, built in 1802 by the architect Carl Christoffer Gjörwell, commissioned by Gustav IV Adolf – today permanent residence of the Crown Princess of Sweden, H.M. Victoira and her family.

The Gustav III´s Pavilion at Haga Park is one of the highlights of Swedish art history and is one of the finest examples of the European Neo-Classicism of the late 1700s in Northern Europe. It was built by architect Olof Tempelman – with detailed instructions from the highly-engaged King Gustav III.

Visit also the Fjärillsmuseet – the Butterfly museum.

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The Vasa warship

The Vasa museum is Scandinavia’s most visited museum with over one million visitors per year. The history of the sunken warship from 1628 fascinates so many people. Today the Vasa is the only preserved seventeenth-century ship in the world, and a unique art treasure. More than 95 percent of the 69 meter-long warship is original, and it is decorated with hundreds of carved sculptures. The Vasa sank on its maiden voyage in the middle of Stockholm and was salvaged 333 years later. For nearly half a century the ship has been slowly, deliberately and painstakingly restored to a state approaching its original glory. The three masts on the roof outside the specially built museum show the height of the ship’s original masts.  The museum can also be used by groups for gala dinners or other private events.


Møn, the most beautiful natural scenery in Denmark

Møn, the most beautiful natural scenery in Denmark? It is not a part of the Unesco’s world heritage list, bud could have been. What is sure is that the white chalk cliffs on the island of Møn are absolutely breathtaking! Formed around 70 million years ago by the compression of small chalk based life forms who resided in the sea in this specific area the cliffs have risen from the sea and offers today a 128 meter high picturesque image. At the Møn GeoCentre you can experience the birth of Denmark reconstructed on fossil foundings in the chalk. You can take a walk on beneath the cliffs or on the top of them, but be prepared to climb a lot of stairs! This are of Denmark offers many more things to se. You can find here several old churches from the 1100 -1500 century hiding very well preserved frescos, small castles, a safari park, lovely small villages and last but not least: wonderful white sandy beaches. Interested in traveling to Denmark and Møn? Contact us for an offer.

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Gothenburg and cinnamon buns

Gothenburg/Göteborg, Sweden’s second biggest city is definitely worth a visit. There is always something going on in Gothenburg: concerts, sports, exhibitions and cultural events every week. The cities and Scandinavians biggest amusement park Liseberg just opened for the summar and as the weather is getting warmer it is time for nice excursions to the wonderful archipelago! You can find a lots of useful Gothenburg information, tips and addresses on shopping, viewpoints, cafés, etc. on:


Our tips: discover the dinosaurs on the top of the Universeum Museum. Or take the tramway nr 9 or 11 from the city center to Saltholmen quai where you can take one of the boats of Styrsöbolaget to the Island of Styrsö in the Southern Archipelago of Gothenburg and can enjoy a nice day in open air!


Christening of Princess Estelle

We are celebrating today the 22th of May the Christening of Princess Estelle in the Slottskyrkan chapel in the royal palace.

The impressive guest list counts Royalties, Prime Ministers, representatives from the Government and journalists from several countries. Guests has arrived to Haga slott – the resindence of the young royal couple since days.

Godparents to Princess Estelle Sylvia Ewa Marie – Duchess of Östergötland – born the 23th of February 2012 are Prince Willem-Alexander of Holland, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Anna Westling Söderström.

The personal monogram the medal of Princess Estelle can be seen here:

And the Crown Princess Couple’s monogram:




Helsinki and Dalarna – top travel destinations in 2012

Two Scandinavian destinations are present on New York Times ”The 45 places to go 2012” list.

When the New York Time published its yearly “45 places to go” travel destination list there where –amongst destinations as the Space and Panama (top of the list) – two Scandinavian destinations: Helsinki, the Finnish capital and the Swedish region of Dalarna (Dalecarlia). Both destinations are of course more affordable than a trip to the space which costs from 200 000 dollars.

Helsinki on the second place in the list is ”World Design Capital 2012” and Dalarna on the 44th place is prized for being a natural respite and with its deep forests, glimmering lakes, traditional midsummer parties and the small brick-red farmhouses.


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Curling for groups – Incentive or team building activity

The European Curling Championships were just held in Moscow last weekend and the sport is widely practiced in the Northern countries this time of year. Invite your group to for a fun-filled curling session! This is a fun activity that appeals to a wide range of people and since it requires skills like good communication, strategy thinking, leadership and sportsmanship this activity makes an excellent team-building event. You can play by groups of 8-12 people for about 2,5 during which coffee or soft drinks will be served. For booking and more information contact us:


We would like to thank all our new and ancient clients who visited us at STOCKHOLMDAYS and NUITS BLANCHES WORKSHOP NORDIQUE workshops. We are seeing forward a very successful 2012 together with you!

Ales stenar – past and present of a historical monument

Ales Stenar is one of Sweden’s most important historical monuments, the largest preserved ”ship setting” – stones set in the layout of a ship. Although its original function is still not determined this megalithic monument fascinates generation after generation. It consists of a stone ship 67 meters long formed by 59 large boulders of sandstone, weighing up to 1.8 tons each. According to Scanian folklore, a legendary king called King Ale lies buried there. True or not – the modern Carbon-14 dating system provides seven results at the site. One dates the material at around 5,500 years old, whereas the remaining six indicate a date around 1,400 years ago, probably the most likely time that Ale stenar was created. Ship settings was used as burial monuments but there is also theories that the stones where used to determine time of the year. One thing is sure: whatever the function the mystical atmosphere and the great view on the sea are still the same as for thousands years ago. You can find Ales Stenar in Scania (Scanie) in southern Sweden.

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